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Inclusive Green Finance: A Survey of the Policy Landscape

Revealing policy practices to guide the transition to inclusive and resilient low-carbon economies
Case study

Reserve Bank of Fiji’s Experience With Financial Inclusion and Climate Change

Will fostering financial inclusion ease the transition to a low-carbon economy?

The Role of Microfinance in Household Livelihood Adaptation in Satkhira District, Southwest Bangladesh

How microfinance can help the poor adapt to climate change

Reference Framework: Environment

How should financial institutions manage social and environmental risks?

The Green Index 2.0: An Innovative Tool to Assess Environmental Performance in the Microfinance Sector

A tool to support environmental responsibility and management within the sector

Microfinance Barometer 2016

Sustainable Development Goals: What is at stake for microfinance?

Friendship Bridge 2014 Impact Report

Outcomes and evaluation of a microfinance plus program

Enhancing Food Security and Resilience to Climate Change: What Role for Microfinance?

A collection of articles on microfinance projects that impact food security and climate change

Microfinance and Climate Change

Bridging academic research with field practice
Case study

Energy and Microfinance: The Cases of A3C and UCCGN in Cameroon

Facilitating access to solar energy through microfinance in Cameroon