Green for Growth Fund Invests EUR 6 Million to Promote Energy Efficiency In Tunisian MSME Sector

The Green for Growth Fund (GGF) has partnered with Tunisia’s Attijari Leasing, providing a loan of EUR 6 million to support its leasing to the underserved MSME sector in the country. The loan is aimed at energy efficiency measures focused on replacing light vehicles with fuel-efficient alternatives. Leasing for other energy-efficient small equipment for MSMEs, such as processing equipment or other machinery, would also be covered under this loan. The impact of this loan would be further enhanced through additional capacity building activities of the GGF Technical Assistance Facility which would include support for strengthening the institution’s environmental and social monitoring and capacities. 

Attijari Leasing S.A. is the fifth largest leasing company in Tunisia, with a strategic focus on serving the MSME segment. The institution utilizes the extensive nation-wide branch network of its parent, Attijari Bank Tunisia, for an excellent outreach, including rural regions of the country. In addition to energy-efficient equipment and vehicles, the institution plans to expand its portfolio into small-scale renewable energy equipment in the future. Given Attijari Leasing’s sector-wise diversified portfolio and the focus on the MSME segment, the institution is in an ideal position to have a widespread impact on the energy efficiency of this segment which otherwise has limited access to credit. 

GGF Chairman Olaf Zymelka stated: “Sustainable development of the MSME sector in terms of energy consumption lies at the heart of GGF’s mission. We are pleased to see that this is exactly the sector Attijari Leasing is focused on. We look forward to seeing them grow into a leading institution in energy-efficiency leasing and are eager to be a part of this transition.”