The PAYGo Performance, Reporting, and Measurement (PERFORM) initiative comprises investors (private and debt investors, local and international banks, and development finance institutions), PAYGo executives, and experts in energy and financial inclusion from around the world. Together, we are working to develop a reporting framework and set of key performance indicators for the PAYGo solar industry, building on previous work to this end by Lighting Global and GOGLA. The PAYGo PERFORM initiative is an open, transparent industry process that seeks the active involvement of stakeholders. It is led by Lighting Global, GOGLA; and CGAP. Learn More>

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The pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar industry has attracted a lot of interest among impact investors. But complex business models and a lack of reporting standards may be putting off large-scale investment. PAYGo PERFORM says it is time to change that and standardize financial reporting in this sector.

Introducing PAYGo

Webinar Recording: Introducing PAYGo PERFORM

Inaugural Workshop

Presentation from the inaugural workshop

COP Updates

Quick Reference Sheets PAYGo PERFORM Indicators 2.0 (beta)

Please see the updated Quick Reference Sheets of the PAYGo PERFORM Indicators 2.0 (beta) here. These indicators are ready for the data collection pilot that will kick of at the beginning of 2020. 

Pre-Pilot Survey Results and Next Steps

On August 14, a working group call with all three working groups took place with the objective to discuss the survey results and explain the next steps for the PAYGo PERFORM initiative including data piloting of KPIs. You can find the presentation here and minutes here.

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