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GSMA Mobile Money Adoption Survey

This data is used to track the progress of, and provide insights on, the performance of mobile financial services deployments that target unbanked and underserved customers globally.


The Power of Mobile to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Pakistan

A look at the increasingly important role of mobile technology in digital financial services

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Money to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Exploring ways in which mobile money contributes to the digitalization of finance

The Digital Lives of Refugees: How Displaced Populations Use Mobile Phones and What Gets in the Way

Offering opportunities for stakeholders to increase understanding of how refugees use mobile money

Mobile Money Enabled Cash Aid Delivery

Operational handbook for mobile money providers

The Instant Payment Notification Hub: Exploring Its Utility Beyond Pay-As-You-Go Solar

Tool facilitating the delivery of fundamental utility services to off-grid populations

Overcoming the Know Your Customer Hurdle: Innovative Solutions for the Mobile Money Sector

Approaches to conducting customer identification, verification, and due diligence

Mobile Money for Enterprise Customers: Addressing the Financial Services Needs of MSMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Client research on the pain points and needs of micro, small and medium enterprises